О себе

Дмитрий Речной. Хруст Костей Тату.Привет, меня зовут Дмитрий Речной (Re4noy).
Я — профессиональный татуировщик (тату мастер).

Занимаюсь татуировкой с 1993 года.

C 2004 года состою в Гильдии Российских Профессиональных Татуировщиков (ГРПТ).

Считаю что не имеет никакого значения где работает тату мастер: домашняя тату студия или тату салон — это всего лишь география. Я против псевдо татуировщиков, их якобы профессионального отношения к татуировке и рисунку, безграмотность в вопросе стерилизации и гигиены. В моей галерее Вы никогда не увидите не принадлежащих мне фотографий татуировок, эскизов, скетчей и флэшей. Я не делаю разделения на художественную и не художественную татуировку, так как не считаю, что эти понятия касаются татуировки как самостоятельного искусства. По-моему традиционная татуировка (traditional tattoo) и олдскул (old school tatttoo), полинезийский орнамент(tribal), кельтский орнамент (сeltic), новая школа (new school), биомеханика (bio mechanical) и реализм (realistic) как стили татуировки заслуживают одинакового уважения, несмотря на кажущуюся простоту некоторых из них.

Если Вы хотите сделать тату — свяжитесь со мной, чтобы обсудить концепцию, место нанесения, размер, дизайн (эскиз) и все детали Вашей будущей татуировки.

Я не задавался целью вести на своём сайте просветительскую работу, но в моем блоге масса полезной информации и статей, фото татуировки, ее корнях и современности, эскизы татуировок и значения татуировок.  Я не занимаюсь обучением тату, пирсингом, не делаю временных татуировок и боди-арт.

Спасибо моим Клиентам, Друзьям и СЕМЬЕ за поддержку!

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Блог // Машины Адама Циферри (Adam Ciferri) в наличии!


Bulldog: this is perhaps one of the most easily recognized of all tattoo machine designs.
I first started making this machine in 1996, with Mike Malone. Now, after 13 years of making this machine,
I have decided to offer both cast iron and prefab steel versions of this venerable icon. The Bulldog is a
shader and color-packer unlike any other, capable of effectively pushing groupings large and small, and everything in between.

Prefab Wrap Around Shader: the prefab wrap around shader is a versatile color tool,
built to be a well-balanced, high-performance machine. You can’t beat this machine for
layering, blending, and subtle shading.

Tetris Shader: the Tetris Shader is a new design. A fresh approach to tattoo machine aesthetics
and performance, the Tetris is equally at ease doing street shop tattoos and custom work. Get one
today, and find out why so many tattooers are calling this machine their favorite.

Prefab wraparound liner: this machine is a medium-size, medium-weight, large grouping outliner,
designed with bigger work in mind. A versatile and smooth running liner, the prefab wraparound
liner is great primary machine as well as a solid back-up to power-in the foundations of sleeves and backpieces

Tetris Liner: the Tetris liner was designed to be a light-weight powerhouse. A quick, authoritative,
little badass. A machine that lays in an outline as if it were done with a magic marker,
and with unsurpassed stability. This liner will easily do whatever you ask of it, making your
day-to-day tattooing easier; and you, and your customers happier. Give it a shot!

Prefab Pitbull: this machine is the little brother to the Prefab Bulldog, but don’t be fooled
by it’s size; it kicks ass. Meant to push bigger lines, this machine will make your sleeve and
Backpiece outline jobs a pleasure. Order one, and find out why so many street shop tattooers have made this machine their daily driver.

Prefab Shorty Pitbull: this machine is meant to be a limited-edition, lighter-weight outlner.
I had initially thought of this machine as the best compromise between light-weight and high performance.
After using one, myself, I’m certain that this machine is no compromise, at all. Don’t wait too long to order one or they’ll be gone soon.

The Showstopper Shader: was first drafted as a design in 1995.  It was conceived of as an answer
to the question, “How do I move large groups of shader needles?”.  The response was a slightly larger,
slightly slower, slightly more powerful, “stroker-style” of shader.  Using this machine, I have
personally worked with groups of up to 45 magnums without any issue.  Though the Showstopper’s
frame is a little larger, and by some, considered a “heavy” machine, we achieved a weight within
only a few ounces of the Bulldog Shader by removing a bit of material from the frame, spring perch
and base plate, and by moving the coils as far forward as possible, thereby reducing the downward
pull of the machine on your hands.  Now, the only thing heavy about this machine is the weight of
the pigment you apply with it.  It’s superior function is enhanced by using 10-wrap, shorty coils,
and its fittins compliment its form, featuring our signature 1943, steel, wheat-backed pennies for thumb screws.

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